About Us

Aurum Argan started with a quest to find the purest argan oil available. Having been advised that the best argan oil comes from cooperatives, we travelled to Morocco and discovered a remarkable cooperative in a small and beautiful village a few miles outside of Agadir. The cooperative was operated by a group of local women with all the profits being used for the benefit of its members. This included literacy programs, as well as various other schemes to advance their well-being. Having witnessed this social enterprise and overwhelmed by the women’s kindness, we realized we had found our perfect partners. What started as a potential business trip quickly evolved into a lasting friendship with all the members of the cooperative. We have committed ourselves to support their remarkable initiative. Upon our return to UK, we setup a company to further grow the cooperative by helping the women to export their oil to Europe and Asia. We visited a laboratory to gain in depth information about argan oil and what tests could be performed to prove its purity. We returned to Agadir for a few months and educated ourselves about every aspect of argan oil production and manufacture. Fast forward two years and *Aurum Argan was born.


Aurum Argan further benefits the women in the cooperative by paying them an extra 10% for the price of the argan oil purchased. Furthermore, we have pledged to donate 10% of our net annual profits to the cooperative to help them buy more land and hire more workers. We hope to grow in the coming years and hope that our growth will not only allow us to provide the best argan oil for our customers but also have a positive impact on a whole community. After all, sharing is caring!  


* On a side note. Due to Argan oil's high value in Morocco it is known as "Liquid gold". "Aurum" is the latin name for Gold and 79 is its atomic number in periodic table - hence our name!