Ways to use argan oil


Use it as a leave in conditioner. We firmly believe that nothing can cure your split ends, alleviate frizz and add shine to your locks like pure argan oil does. Start by rubbing a pea-sized amount of oil (depending on your hair length/thickness/density) between your palms until it becomes warm and apply to clean towel-dried hair, starting from mid-length and working gently towards the ends. You can leave your hair to dry naturally or wait 10 minutes after applying before hair drying/straightening. This will also protect your hair from the heat. Best thing is it won’t make your hair feel greasy like many leave in oils and conditioners. But remember, a little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it.

Add it to your shampoo. If you feel that your shampoo makes your hair dry — you can add a few drops of oil to it. This will lock in moisture and prevent the strip-off of natural oils from your hair.

Use it as a mask. Rub a few drops of oil between your palms until it becomes warm and massage it into your scalp while coating your hair all the way from roots to ends. The oil can be left on your hair for as long as you wish, from a few hours to overnight (wrap your hair in a towel or use a shower cap). For the best results leave overnight and wash it as usual in the morning.

Use it on your beard. Argan oil helps de-frizz even the most stubborn beards. Just warm up a drop of oil between the palms of your hands and spread it evenly over your beard, concentrating on the tips.


Use it as a whole-body moisturiser. You can use argan oil to treat dry and damaged skin on your whole body, including your face. It is particularly good for treating conditions such as eczema. Simply apply a few drops to the desired area and rub until absorbed. The oil also has amazing anti-wrinkle properties. Use sparingly at first and add more if desired. It should not leave a greasy feel.

Use it as lip treatment. Cracked lips seem to be a very common problem. Many people rely on lip balms these days to treat this problem. But not only do many lip balms contain ingredients such as petroleum and parabens which are potentially toxic, they do very little to treat the problem. All really do is mask it for a few hours. So, next time you suffer from the dreaded cracked lip, just apply a drop of argan oil to your lips and massage until absorbed.

Use it to prevent stretch marks. The oil can prevent/reduce the appearance of stretch marks by increasing the skin’s elasticity. Apply 1-2 drops (or a few!) on your problem areas, massage thoroughly until absorbed.

Use it on acne prone skin. It can be difficult for people with acne problems to find a moisturiser which doesn’t clog their pores and cause irritation or more acne. Argan oil is absorbed into the skin, while nourishing it, without clogging your pores. To apply on face, wash face with your usual face wash, use 1 drop of oil and massage into face and neck until absorbed.


Use it to strengthen your nails. Do you have nails which crack easily and rough cuticles? Argan oil nourishes nails, helping prevent the breakage, splitting and drying of nails. It’s ideal to apply overnight, and if you are consistent, the results will come thick and fast. In just two weeks you will notice your nails grow faster, brighter and stronger, while skin around it becomes moisturised and overall healthier.